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UNIQUE Show case


Showcases have long been used to embellish the interiors of homes. Trendy glass showcases give your living area, bedroom, kitchen, and even bathrooms a sleek, beautiful and sophisticated charm.

Our Show Case Collections


Show Case

Size: 22(W ) X 75(H) X 16(D)
Material: PVC



Show Case

Size: 32(W ) X 63(H) X 13(D)
Material: PVC


About The Products

The living room is a room that displays a house. So it goes without saying that the walls and interiors must be finished to the highest standard and assembled in harmony with the furnishings and decor. Modern minimalist designs use clean lines and little distractions in their decor.

We aim to provide and immensely unforgettable our showcases, where clients can view the full range of our products. We create glass showcases that characterize home designs in a modern style with a tiny kitchen island. This display helps you store electrical kitchen appliances, which are pricey and need to be well-maintained and have added woodwork. Display your finery in the glass cabinets, such as regal china, dinnerware, pottery, beautiful glasses, and showpieces. Our glass showcases are robust and are not, as the idea might imply, composed of breakable glass. Our amazing collection of clothing and accessories is sure to enthrall anyone with a sense of style. In order to ensure that you always look your best and we meticulously pick each piece fusing modern trends with classic styles.

We designed the showcases for a hall that gives your modern home a spacious look. Our showcase is a testament to the enthusiasm and commitment we put into developing excellent solutions for our esteemed clients. Additionally, we have a section of our showcase dedicated to home necessities, where you can buy high-end furniture accessories, and appliances that will make your living areas feel like cozy retreats.


CLIENT'S Valuable Testimonials

Vinni Tiwari

The FRP windows from Simco have truly transformed the look of my house. There are lots of collections and designs. I love that collection if anyone want sleek and flawless design of windows for their home then visit their shop.

Arnab Sen

I recently purchased a wardrobe and show case from Simco. The quality of these products are unparalleled. I am beyond impressed with my purchase if you are looking for top-notch furniture, this shop is the place to go.

Taniya Samaddar

I recently got my dream modular kitchen installed by Simco, and it has completely transformed my cooking experience .I love their work. Thank you Simco.

Abhishek Kumar

As a business owner I needed a durable and secure door for my office and I got that quality, I am incredibly satisfied with simco’s FRP door. It have secure locking system and durable.

Ritu sen

I want to express my gratitude to simco for the outstanding FRP Roof Windows services they provided. I am extremely satisfied with their services and would highly recommend them to anyone in need of quality roof windows.

Rahul Jaiswal

I was looking for the perfect study table for my daughter and I found just that at Simco. The quality of the study table is superb and well designed. I am impressed with the quality and versatility of the study table.